Currently, the oncology institute at the Western Galilee Hospital–Nahariya, serves the population of the western Galilee and includes a comprehensive medical oncology service. It is recognized for full residency in medical oncology. The hospitalization department includes 24 beds and serves the severely ill patients either due to their disease or during recovery from complications of difficult therapies. The ambulatory part of the oncology service currently accepts about 700 newly diagnosed cancer patients yearly. It includes a very active day-care unit in which about 5000 various oncology treatments are applied yearly and a follow-up clinic in which 8000 patient-visits are recorded every year. Multidisciplinary meetings are held regularly. These include the oncologists as well as surgeons, radiologists and pathologists. Newly diagnosed patients with more complicated diseases are discussed in these forms in order to facilitate the best approach for each. A psycho-social team is active in the Oncology Services, including a psychologist, several social workers and a nurse dedicated to palliative-care. A hospice for the terminally ill patients is in plan.



Due to shortage of space, several of these services are currently taking place in different areas of the hospital, causing inconvenience to patients and their families. The Proposed Oncology Center Project Description Concentration of cancer treatment in one center will greatly increase the efficacy in addressing cancer patients' medical and psychological needs.





We propose the expansion of the current ambulatory oncology facility. It will include the following units under one roof:



1. An oncology day care unit that will include all means of chemotherapy treatment for a 30-patient shift, including isolation rooms, means for various diagnostic and palliative procedures, pharmaceutical preparation rooms, blood testing, etc.


2. An oncology clinic with rooms for seven oncologists and two experts in hemato-oncology, in addition to dedicated rooms for psycho-social activity.


3. A meeting room for multidisciplinary conferences and academic activities.


4. A research unit that will enhance the cancer research in the hospital.


5. Space for family members accompanying patients for long treatments. The Building The proposal calls for the construction of a one-storey building of 750 sq. m.