The Oncological Institute Development Fund


One of the nine old shacks built in the 1950s and used by the “Malben”

Hospital became the Oncology Institute in 2013.

Meir Burkis, who wanted to commemorate his wife, who died of leukemia, decided on the advice of the former director general of the “Friends of the Hospital Association”, Mr. Yitzchak Blonder, to donate and establish the institute.

One year from the start of the project, an innovative, spacious and advanced institute was opened with a professional team that operates and provides ambulatory treatment for cancer patients from Nahariya, the surrounding area, and the Galilee as a whole.

The planned motto for the construction of the oncology institute was to give the patients a pleasant environment, to create spaces that include personal treatment rooms and nearby offices for doctors and staff.

Meir, in his environmental perception, saw fit to allow a healing atmosphere outside the institute and its surroundings. Therefore, the recovery garden and the green spaces that welcome the patients undergoing difficult treatments at the institute have been established.

Prof. Barhum, director of the Galilee Hospital, stated at the opening of the institute, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Meir and the Burkis family for their work for the new Oncology Institute and for the medical center and the residents of the region and the Galilee. We have established a glorious Institute together, an institute that allows us to provide better service to oncology patients and I know that the additional project, the development of the late Miriam Burkis Outdoor Oncology Garden, will bring relief to their pain and help many oncology patients recover in the Galilee near the Lebanese border.

Many have joined in the development of the Oncology Institute named after Mori, may she Rest In Peace. For the benefit of all, a donor board has been set up inside the Oncology Institute, including members of the late Charles Harris' family from England, who donated generously. The Friends of the Hospital Association, the hospital management, many families and institutions who donated their money and even devoted their time free of charge to bring the institute and its oncology garden to a high level welcoming environment for patients and their families who visit the place.

The Foundation for the Development of the Oncology Institute in collaboration with the Friends of the Galilee Medical Center Association and the Burkis family have set themselves the goal of continuing to recruit donors to promote the Oncology Institute adjacent to the Lebanese border and all that this entails. To provide a cure for cancer patients in the periphery and wherever they are.

The foundation's president, Prof. Yossi Tamir, CEO of JDC Israel and former CEO of the National Insurance Institute, knows and understands that the periphery is deprived compared to the center of the country and the proximity to the northern border also does not encourage investment, so he also helped leverage the fund.

The needs of the Oncology Institute are many and we have all set ourselves a goal, to contribute and raise funds for this important goal.

We would like to declare that all donations made by donors will be 100% intended for the needs of the Oncology Institute in the Galilee on the Lebanese border.

The Oncology Institute


תרומה למכון האונקולוגי ע"ש מרים (מורי) בורקיס ז"ל

The Miriam (Mori) Burkis Foundation operates on a non-profit basis, alongside the Galilee Medical Center and
the Friends of the Galilee Medical Center Association.