The Friends of GMC Association actively strengthens the ties between the medical center and the surrounding community. In particular, it encourages the local population to adopt a healthy lifestyle by organizing various initiatives, such as health fairs, workshops and lectures featuring GMC’s top medical experts. These events take place in communities around the Galilee in partnership with local councils and volunteer organizations from all sectors of society. 

Recent lectures include:

  • “Pelvic prolapse and innovative gynecological operations,” by Prof. Lior Levinstein, Head of the OB/GYN Department
  • “About blood pressure,” by Prof. Kamal Hassan, head of the Nephrology Department. 
  • “How a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of cancer,” by Dr. Ayelet Shai, head of the Oncology Institute
  • “Coping with diabetes: osteoporosis and thyroid disorders,” by Dr. Amir Bashkin, head of the Diabetes Institute
  • “Hand on the heart,” by Prof. Shaul Atar, head of the Cardiology Department
  • “Performing CPR on babies” – a hands-on workshop by Naama Shachar, nurse in the pediatric ICU
  • “Performing CPR on adults and children” by Roman Drovinsky, head of the resuscitation team

The Association also organizes professional conferences and workshops that are open to the public, featuring GMC’s medical experts, in partnership with local councils, social organizations, schools, factories and others.

For more details: Dr. Michal Kolen - Project Manager