About the Friends of Galilee Medical Center

The Friends of Galilee Medical Center Association seeks to improve the level of healthcare available to residents of the Galilee by renovating and expanding GMC’s facilities, purchasing new equipment, and strengthening its connection with the surrounding community. The Association believes it’s important to create a supportive  healing environment throughout the hospital’s different departments and public spaces.

Working hand in hand with GMC’s management, the Friends Association ideates and raises funds for a range of projects, including establishing new departments, acquiring advanced medical equipment and introducing innovative medical technologies. 

Donations from around the world funded several substantial projects in recent years, including the Miriam (Mori) Burkis Oncological Institute (2014), the Paul and May Arieli-Goldschmidt Maternity Ward (2016), the Moskowitz Cardiology Department (2018), the Fluoroscopy Suite in Memory of Leah and Henri Ehrenberg (2021) and many other projects. 

Studies prove that there is a connection between a patient’s surroundings and the level of pain and anxiety following medical treatments and procedures. In order to boost the patients’ healing process and general wellbeing, the Friends Association embellishes the medical center’s public spaces with works of art, builds therapeutic gardens and safe playgrounds for children, and upgrades the waiting areas for the benefit of the patients, visitors and staff.

The Association also actively seeks to strengthen the ties between GMC and the surrounding community and to educate residents to adopt a healthier lifestyle. To this end, Friends of GMC regularly organizes events such as health fairs, workshops and lectures featuring GMC’s top medical experts. 

Friends of Galilee Medical Center is head by Michael Illouz (Chair) and Raya Strauss Ben-Dror (President), together with Board members from all sectors of society who live in the Western Galilee. All are volunteers who work hard on behalf of the region’s residents. The Association holds a Proper Management Certificate and donations are tax deductible.